About the COVID-19 Pandemic

We have followed and will continue to follow the lead of our civil authorities(1) and District of Quebec leaders and support their decisions as far as it does not require us to deny our Lord and faith. We also choose not to suspect evil intentions on their part(2) and pray for them regularly(3).

We believe that the pandemic is an invitation from God to reassess how we intend to accomplish the mission He has given us(4), which is to reach out to the lost world in which we live in and to make disciples from all nations for His glory(5).

Regarding conspiracies or suspicions that have been expressed in many respects by well-meaning and beloved Christians, our current understanding is that this is primarily a source of distraction(6) in carrying out the mission of the Church.

We believe that Christ and His Church will rise above those circumstances and shine even brighter after the storm has passed(7). We are full of hope for the future, not fear.

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