I Will Pour Out my Spirit on All People – Sunday Morning

Beautiful Gate – Pentecost #2

Acts 3-4:31

Intro: Beautiful Gate

  • Key = name of the gate
    Beautiful: Greek 5611
    “belonging to the right hour or season (timely) flourishing
  • Not the beginning but it is God’s next
    • Announcing God’s next 3000+
      vs. 2 “… This man’s every day gave way to God’s day”
    v3 When he saw, he asked…
  2. vs6 SHIFT from what we don’t have to an understanding and value of WHAT WE DO have.
    what I have…
  3. vs. 7 HAND = connect happened
    man’s need -> God’s power @ the right hour
    “There’s a hand that is about to be touched that have NEVER yet been touched by the anointing.”
  4. vs. 8 … then he went with them into the temple courts
    1. previously barred from DIVINE PRESENCE
    2. disqualified from DIVINE PRESENCE
    3. denied from DIVINE PRESENCE
      … now comes to him
  5. vs 12 EARS TO HEAR
    vs. 15 AUTHOR OF LIFE
    the NAME OF JESUS!


  1. 4:4 believers from 3000 -> 5000
  2. vs 24 Revelation and exaltation of the Lord: the Sovereign Lord
  3. vs 20 Now : More signs and wonders
  4. vs 31 All filled with Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly